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Consistent Forex was founded in early 2017 where we quickly established our name on all social media platforms. Standing out on Instagram we posted ideas of potential set ups, before and after trades, signals, motivational videos and quotes.

Gaining a big influx of followers then lead us on to starting a mentorship service Consistent FX Premium (#CFXP) in early 2018 helping aspiring traders develop their trading skills on how to approach the market.

2019 we then decided to re-evaluate the business and bring something slightly different to the table, something that’s affordable leaving enthusiastic traders in a position to maximise their profits without investing too much into a professional service monthly.

We now bring to you the IDEAS AND ENTRIES movement in which we believe will be if not the biggest but the most successful trading group going. Be sure to waste no time and subscribe now as we’ve got pips to EAT!!!


Our strategy is based of the ABCD swing trade pattern formation where we wait for all confluences to be in favour before executing our entry which requires a lot of patience.

We will be sharing daily chart work of price action which may include a detailed breakdown via video. Even though some opportunities may be presented this does not mean it is a trade that the team will be entering.


We signal every trade that is taken giving you the opporuntinity to trade along ConsistentFX keeping you up to date with its movement.

Every trade that is entered is at your own discretion as it can result in profit or a loss.


It is your responsibility to keep up to date with your monthly subscription payments as we run a no refund policy (Check our terms and conditions).

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