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It was 2015 when I had my first insight on the charts. Straight away I fell in love and saw a vision of where I could become a fully pledged trader. I understood the nature of the risk but was determined to get to the level needed to be a successful and profitable forex trader. Untold hours of chart work was put in but I couldn't seem to progress.

That's when in 2016 I decided to invest into professional education and get a clearer understanding of the market. Building my knowledge and skill set, I then decided that I needed to be around like minded people that all have one thing in common, which was to be consistent.

How we look to make a difference in how you trade.

Premium channel mentorship

Have you taken a professional course but still can't seem grasp consistency?

Are you struggling with entry and exit points when trading?

Do you have difficulties with understanding the correlation between pairs?

Are you stuck in the trap of overtrading?

Do you fully understand how fibbonacci works?

Having difficulties sticking to your trading plan?

Problems with risk management?

Patience, emotion and confidence issues?

Get confused with top down analysis (Time frames)?

Problems with plotting support / resistance and trend lines

Understanding the psychology behind the market?

This Premium channel is designed to help you with all of the above. It will consist of daily chart work, and detailed videos to help you view the market in a more strategic way. We're here to touch on your basic understanding and improve in helping you grasp a sense on consistency to feed your independence in order for you to tackle the market on your own accord.

The strategy that will be permormed most regularly, is the ABCD pattern. This is a swing trade strategy based off the four hour time-frame.

All of our analysis will be done on Trading View.


Trading can be a lonely sport but them days are over! If you aware of #BreakdownSundays you truly understand the value of being in a room with like minded traders from all over the world. This will be an environment for you to voice your own thoughts and opinions whilst building a relationship with those that are on the same path. This will be your new team. This will help build your confidence and motivate your hunger around a 24/7 basis to help reach your goals.



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